Thursday, September 6, 2012

Other Happenings

Roger has been working on painting his truck and here is him spraying another coat of paint.  It was 92 degrees in the paint room of his shop and with him wearing all of that respirator geer he was really hot!

 The truck is going to look gorgeous when he is done.  Black on the bottom, a thin red stripe down the side then silver at the top.  He has really been working hard on this thing and I will be glad to see the finished product.

We had to trim my Camellia's again at the end of the house, they grow so much each year.  These things blood 4-5 times a year and are beautiful.  I decided to try to propugate some more from the cuttings we did.  I've never done this before so we will see.  I would love to put some of these plants down the side of the garage, it would be wonderful to see these blooming across the end of the garage.  Keep your fingers crossed these take.

Now off to do some more hand quilting on Alberta's quilt.

Happy Quilting,

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