Thursday, July 23, 2015

Breast Cancer Warrior Quilt

One of my co-workers Melissa, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so we decided to make her a comfort quilt to take with her to her chemo treatments.  I quickly pieced some signature blocks from my scraps at home and took the blocks to work so that everyone could sign them.
I had this beautiful tulip fabric in my stash for probably 20 years and have used it on many quilts and backings.....I loved it and I had just enough of the fabric left to use to cut the spacer blocks for Melissa's quilt.
All of the staff had a great time signing the blocks for her and I was able to get the top put together in a week and began the quilting process.
Don't you just love being able to go to your stash and pull together fabrics to make something to give comfort to someone?  It makes my heart happy that I can do such a small thing to bring a smile to someone's face.  Something that she can read and re-read to give her a beacon on light that everyone is praying for her strength and recovery.  God is good!
I also love readying all of the great things that people write on a comfort quilt.  
Below is the quilted and bound quilt awaiting it's trip to its new owner.

Below is Melissa receiving her quilt at her chemo treatment.  She was thrilled and spent the rest of the treatment time reading all of the blessings that people had written to her.

I am always amazed at how much God allows me to use my quilting passion to help others.  I am truly blessed.
Happy Quilting and many blessings to all,

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