Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Project Tonight......and Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam!!

Tonight for a change I will be able to join in on Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam.  Most nights I am not up late enough to be able to watch and listen as she quilts away on current projects.  But tonight I will be able to watch.  I have my laptop set up beside my machine and I have been cutting out pieces for my project to sew on during the quilt cam event.

Here is what I am cutting out:
These tiny blocks will finish at 2-inches.....Cutie pies.
I'm cutting them out of pink and brown fabric scraps that I have.  I need 32 blocks for the little quilt I'm making and I am trying to not have the same fabrics as either the brown or pinks.  Picking through a lot of scraps tonight....but such fun!

And below is the pile of scraps left from the scraps I've been cutting from....guess these will go back into the scrap bins for string piecing.  Never a dull moment or wasted fabric.
 Happy Quilting,

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