Saturday, July 25, 2015

Making Items For Quilt Show Boutique

Each year at our quilt show we have a boutique with items made by our members for sell.  I have been collecting selvages to make some things with and this is what I have made this time.

This is my bin of selvages that I started with.
I made a piece of fabric by sewing these scrap selvages together.  I then fused wonder under fusible to the back of the new piece of fabric.
Now I used my Accuquilt Go Funky Flowers die to cut a flower out of that cute piece of "found fabric".  Remember this is what would have been thrown away when someone cut pieces of a quilt.

As you can see there are several pieces that are cut when you use the die.  I put fusible web on the back of the piece of fabric prior to cutting.  Then after I cut the pieces I can put them in my pre-cut bin of fusible "things" to use on quilts.
This is the bin that I can go to when I need a little extra "something" on a quilt.  I used the flower piece I cut to make this pincushion for the quilt show boutique and put the extra pieces in this bin to be used later.  They are ready to be appliqued onto a project when needed.

I think the pincushion turned out cute.  And I have more fun coming as my friend Suzanne brought me a bag full of selvages. 
Yeah for my bee friends, you rock!!

Happy Quilting,


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