Sunday, July 19, 2015

Philanthropy Quilts

My husband loves auctions and is always looking at estate auctions.  A while back he found a what he thought was a zip lock bag of pre-cut fabric pieces and he thought I would love it........of course I would!  He bid on the lot and won it.  When we went to pick up the fabric it was one of those huge zip lock bags that weighed 50 pounds!!

The bee girls and I sorted fabric for days.  We bagged a lot of the pieces up into kits for our guild members to make philanthropy quilts for Habitat for Humanity.  

Below are just two of the many quilts that have already been made from these kits.

We had tons of the red/white/blue flower fabrics and were able to cut a beautiful blue for this kit.  It turned out wonderful for another Habitat for Humanity quilt.

 I love the different fabrics and how this one feature green fabric brought all of these together into a beautiful quilt.  One Habitat for Humanity family member is going to be very happy with their new home quilt.
Many people have benefited from this one auction buy.  Sharing the blessings.

Happy Quilting,

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