Thursday, July 23, 2015

Identifying My Chickens.....The Egg Factory Workers

My little homestead family has grown this year as we added chickens.  I went in with some friends at work and we purchases a group of brown egg layers, some easter eggers and the hatchery threw in an extra something.  They are now 19 weeks old and I am trying to get pictures of each to identify each of the breeds that I now have.  Fun but confusing at times.  They each have such personalities as you will see with some of the names.

First we have Suzie (My Bee friend Susan picked her as her namesake) She is a Light Brahma, see the feathered feet.  She keeps everything stirred up in the coop.  She is a hoot!
Next we have Lucy.  She is also my little buddy.  She is a Delaware and Aurucana mix.
Then we have Reba (after Reba McEntire) she is a beautiful girl and follows me everywhere in the pen.  She is a Welsummer.
Next is the "Triplets".  These three girls are always together and I can't tell each of them apart.  So they are the triplets, Ashley, Doe, and Rae.  They are Columbian Wyandottes.  They are the first ones to get to worms when Roger tosses them into the pen.
Then we have Freida and Freckles which are Barred Rocks.  They are always at my feet, pecking me with "love bites" as Roger says.  And as you can tell they don't hold still for long.  Freida below jumped before the camera took the picture.

Caught Freckles with the next round of pictures.  Can't escape the camera girl!  Just check out that attitude.
Red is my Rhode Island Red.  She is a big girl, probably 6-7 pounds at least.  Heavy girl when I pick her up and lots bigger than the other girls.  I think she is my one who is laying now.
Then I have "Blackie" who is my Black Giant chicken, she is a beautiful solid black which just shimmers in the sunlight.  She just recently let me start petting her.
Dixie is a Red Star.  She is my jealous one as I have spent the most time with her.  She doesn't like me to have anything to do with the others.  She will actually come and head butt someone out of my lap.  What a girl!  She had just settled into her cool hole and was not coming out for the photo shoot.

Two Dark Cornish are beautiful girls.  Their feathers have a pattern that when the light hits it you see either brown in their black feathers or a turquoise.  It is wonderful.  The first two pictures are of Coco and her brown tint to her feathers.

Below is Teal the cornish with teal colored tint to her feathers.  She obviously did not want her photo taken.

I also have a Black Star who I am calling Star.  She is a quiet, shy little thing but holds her own at the fodder bowl.  She jumps right in to get her share every morning.  I had a great picture until "Dolly" hogged into the shot.

Now "Fuzz Butt" as I have called her since she was a peep was the fuzziest think in the box.  Cutie pie.  She is a Partridge Cochin, see the feathered feet.
And bringing up the end of the show are the two Araucanas or Easter Eggers.  They will lay blue/teal green eggs.  (that will be exciting to find).  These two have some real attitudes, but loving ones.  They have really filled out their beards and side burns as I call them.  The first is Dolly (Parton of course).  You see she is giving me a speech for taking her picture and not petting her.  I started calling her Dolly when she started singing along with me one day.  What a girl!
Up next there is Loretta (Lynn of course), she is talkative but not as much as Dolly.  She is my second Easter Egger and is a cutie pie.  No where near as "talkative" or bossy as Dolly.
So although it is not quilting related, this is part of my daily life now.  I am no chicken expert and I may have not identified each one appropriately, but have attempted to do so as accurately as I can.  Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Egg Factory here at our place.

Happy Quilting,


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Love the pictures and hearing of the different chickens.