Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas

Amazing how fast time is passing.  So on this Seventh Day Of Christmas my true love gave to me...... A beautiful 2 yard piece of batik fabric, a coffee mug and a tea towel which reads....."I may not be perfect.....but parts of me are excellent".  What a hoot!!!!

 And on this seventh day of Christmas I gave my true love a new robe.  It is soooooooo soft.   Maybe I can borrow it sometime........that is if the cat doesn't find it first.
Now off to finish some last minute details for the funeral and get my dad a hair cut. 
I plan on doing some destressing in my quilt room this evening.  Maybe some cleaning, maybe not, who knows what might be going on in this room.  I now have wonderful Josh Groban Christmas music playing on my IPAD and new boom box that I received.  Wonderful music that I know Uncle Virgil would be singing right along with me. 
Many Blessings,

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