Sunday, December 4, 2011

Suwanee Valley Quilt Shop

This quilt shop is on the way to Roger's moms house, it's about 30 minutes from her house. It's a unique stor where seven ladies who loved quilting have joined together to open a shop. They have put a lot of time and thought into making this place a great stop for quilters. It is not in a heavily populated city, far from it. It is in a quaint one stop light town. But traffic to the shop is steady. I've been there before when buses of ladies came from the lower part of the state for a day trip. It is well worth the drive.

The shop is composed of two buildings, both jistoric coke bottling buildings. In one is the main quilt shop and cafe and the other is their classroom, longarm quilting, candy shop and antique sewing machines and repairs.

You can see through the christmas room out into the little cafe. They serve a lunch menu of things likensoup and sandwiches and to die for desserts.

One half of the classroom.

The book room.

Part of one of the fabric rooms.

The longarm room

Cute cat quilt hanging in one of the hallways.

Christmas tree quilt outside of the holiday fabric room

One hallway is covered both sides with notions

Beautiful manatee pillow on a display chair.

Another fabric room

Love, love, love the bathroom door.

Their banner quilt at the register.

Holiday fabric room has all of the different holiday fabrics.

Now this is flamingos!

One room in the antique section.

More antique room.

I liked this room divider, can see quilts hanging over the rails in my room.....need to add this to my "to do" list.

A unique part of this shop is Herb, an african grey parrot. I first met him when I kept hearing a cat meow. I looked everywhere for that cat. The cage was covered and it looked just like a quilt draped over something. Then one of the ladies, "hush herb, you are not getting out". Then I knew just what I had been hearing. They also have a cat and the bird is always immitating the cat. Ever since that first meeting I have had to talk to Herb when I visit.

An antique crazy quilt framed.

More of the crazy quilt. I'm not one who will probably make a crazy quilt, but I sure admire the talent of those who do.

Next is a quilt that I made for my mother in law Alberta using the BQ pattern. This pattern lets you use those large focus and novelty prints. she loves roosters so I pulled every rooster and chicken fabric from my stash to make her quilt.

A close up of the BQ block. Love how it frames the focus fabric.

Looking at the label, yes Susan I made a label...hehehe. I can't believe I made this in 2007 for her Christmas present, boy times flies!

Happy Quilting,

Location:Trenton, Florida

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