Friday, December 16, 2011

On This Third Day Of Christmas

On this third day of Christmas my true love gave to me...... A wonderful Jelly Roll of bright jewel toned fabric.
And on this third day of Christmas I gave my true love.....The beginning of a wonderful movie night together.  Three Movies and a voucher to make popcorn and enjoy the evening together.   (I think I am really the recepient of this gift....hehehehe)  We love spending this time together.

Last night I also attempted again to load EQ6 onto my new computer, I called the tech support line who helped me load the program.  But today it states it can't open the file.......grrrrrrrrr.........

Got a few more presents to wrap and get under the tree.  Then off to rest, trying to get rid of a headache and prepare for the weekend working.  I have so much on my list of To Do's but today I am going to have to rest.......think this 2 week long headache is stress, but I am soooooooo over this thing.  So doc says gona try that.

Happy Quilting,

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