Friday, December 30, 2011

Out Of Control

Sometimes you just have to admit that something is out of here it confession........
my bin of 2 1/2 inch strips ARE OUT OF CONTROL.....they are taking over like the andromeda strain.....if you remember that movie then you are getting old...hehehe.

See what I I have to do something with all these strips. Pull out the Bonnie Hunter and Jelly Roll Books and lets find something to make from this fabric.

You know you have to use it up because fabric is just too expensive to throw these strips away. I have so many beautiful fabrics in this overflowing mean volcanic eruption don't you!

Looking back over 2011 I see so many times that we have pieced beautiful things from scraps of fabric. So when life gives you scraps....make a quilt.

Happy Quilting,


Debbie said... need help. Make a quick one to get you rolling. How about a 1600 quilt?

Shelia said...

Thanks Debbie, I just looked up that pattern. That is a really cool idea for some philanthropy quilts this year.
See you soon,