Monday, June 4, 2012

Another UFO Finish!!! YIPPIE!

Drum roll please...........
I have finished another one of my longtime UFO's  Completed including label and binding.  What an awesome feeling it is to finally say "It is done".
And here she is Kaleidoscope Dreams
 I finished quilting on it Friday evening before bee and got the binding sewed on during bee.  I added some applique flowers and vines to two corners.  Still love the circular illusion it gives when you look at the blocks.
 I did a corner label on the back. 
I started this quilt in 1995 in a class with our quilt guild founder Mary Isbell.  We used a 60 degree ruler since back then we did not have the kaleidoscope rulers we have today.  I pieced strips of fabric and then cut them into the wedges.  So just a few short months ago this is all I had was a few pieced blocks and lots of cut out wedges. I used the brown check fabric as the binding so I could use up the last bit of that fabric.  I had some left over binding so I am using it on some mug mats.  Another UFO bites the dust......what an awesome feeling.

 Here is mom in the quilting studio just before the bee girls got here.  She is working on some yo yo's.  She is doing great after her first cataract surgery and we have her second one planned for July.
Someone else was very glad that I had finished another quilt.  Of course she has claimed it as her own. 
Update on the braces.......Oh my what have I gotten myself into.....this is what my precious husband has heard since Thursday.  My mouth is very mad at me right now and I can't say I blame it.  I've lost 9 pounds (Yippie) since Thursday because it is so difficult to eat.  Yesterday I had only a slushie from Sonic and it took me all day to consume it.  Oh well.....they say it will get better!!

Happy Quilting,

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