Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Update

Roger and I had a wonderful day together for our anniversary.  We decided to buy some scratch off lottery tickets for our 23rd anniversary and watch a movie while we scratched them off......kind of weird but who knows.  Most of all we enjoyed just spending some time together with no schedule and list of things that we needed to get done.  Just vegetated together.  Wonderful relaxing day.  We won $615 dollars on that set of tickets!!  Great anniversary gift of fun and cash.

Now on to finish up on Friday.  Remember we did the habitat dedication and then we had bee at my house.  After the dedication we had lunch at Rafferty's.  I was able to find grilled salmon and baked sweet potato that I was able to eat.  Yippie!
Mom and Gina
 Now Gina loves her diet pepsi so we made sure she didn't run out during the meal.  Our server brought her 3 diet pepsi's to begin with. 
 When we got to the house sissy-the cat was tuckered out from mowing the lawn..hehe.
 During bee we worked on projects for Sue who is chairman of the boutique at the quilt show this year.  We made zippered bags out of extra fabric I had quilted on the side of things in my longarm.  It's a great way to quilt some extra fat quarters or just small pieces of fabric.  Here's Susan sewing buttons on a bag.
 Gina sewing parts of a quilted book cover.
 Sue was the head master and kept thing cut so everyone had something to work on.  I think we wore her out because everytime she stopped for a breather someone called for something else to sew. 
 Mom was piecing on a 1600 quilt for the silent auction.
 Here is a picture of all of our stash for the few hours we worked.  Not bad for a quick session.  We had lots of fun and lots of laughs.
Off to work now......Happy quilting,


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