Friday, June 15, 2012

Cathedral Window Project Progress

Tonight my bee girls and our guys are meeting for dinner prior to having bee.  We going to Pappa's and Beer Mexican Restaurant in Greenville.  I don't know what I will be able to eat there, but you know what.....I think I could take something apart and be able to eat it.  If all else fails I know I can eat rice and refried beans.

Today I am working on my cathedral windows quilt.  I am preparing more panels to add to the quilt (or what I call the mother ship).  Below are some of the sewn and folded squares that I am folding again to ready them for sewing into the larger row.
 Below I have sewn the 14 blocks into another panel to add to the quilt.  I'll take this panel with me tonight to the bee.  I should be able to applique in most of these squares tonight.  This section has 19 windows to sew down.  I just love the bright windows.  Just a few more of these panels to complete and this quilt will be finished.  My goal is to have this quilt in our Quilt Show in October.  So I have 15 weeks to get this thing done.  But I am on a mission to be finished!

The summer rains are bringing more beautiful flowers in my yard.  This is my fuschia gladiola.  Isn't it gorgeous!

Have a great day and get some stitches into some fabric today.

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quilt happy said...

i love cathedral windows