Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Progess.

Yesterday I completed my ACLS re-certification.  So many changes from American Heart Association.  After 25 years of certifications it's hard to change your brain, but did great and finished.  Even the CPR basic checkoff went o.k. even with the braces, mouth still tender......but kept the "dummy" alive..hehe.

I was finally able to give Jason his quilt last night.  He was really touched.  His dad was very special to me.  And yes I know we are holding it size ways but I am short and he is there!
I'm working in the ER today so probably won't get any quilting done today.  It's always a long day and I won't be back home until around 8 p.m.  Tomorrow we are scheduled to close on papa's home sale.....YIPPIE!  After all of the craziness I will be so GLAD to get this done and off of my list.  I couldn't have gotten this done without the help of my cousin Teresa.  Thanks a million girl for all of the help and for just listening to me scream during this process.  We are almost done.

Hope that you find some time today to put a few stitches into something you are working on.


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glad things are going great