Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do You EQ?

Do you use Electric Quilt program? 

A while back I purchased Electric Quilt 7 to use in designing quilts.  I've tried playing around with it at times but became frustrated trying to get the program to do what I wanted.  It does come with a book but I am a tactile learner and would rather do it to learn than just read about it to learn.

I have found some beginning Electric Quilt classes over at Quilt University.  Hopefully this will help me be able to design the way I want to with this program.

I did use the program to plan my Red, White and Blue Bloghop project but I know that I am not using the program like it could be used. 

I've signed up for the EQ7 Sampler class with Fran Gonzalez.  The class starts on July 13th and has four weekly classes.  I'll update with my progress in the class.

If you have never taken a class from quilt university I encourage you to pop on over and check it out.  Here is the link for the site.    Quilt University 

Happy Quilting,

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