Monday, October 10, 2011

Back Home Safe & Sound

Well we arrived back home last night.  We drove straight through to home.......not a good idea.  Ten hours in the car in what was ridiculious traffic left us both exhausted.  We could not believe how much traffic was on the road, and people driving like IDIOTS!

Now to get everything unpacked and dirty clothes washed.  We both return to work tomorrow.  Unpacking all of the goodies that we each bought on the trip.  Yummy fabrics to pour over and decide what I want to make with them.  But first and foremost I must get my Uncle Virgil's quilt made.  I purchased some more red, white and blue fabrics to use in his quilt.  He is retired from the Navy and is fighting cancer right now so I want to get it done asap.

I don't want to forget all of my nursing buddies.  This week is Emergency Nurses Week, so my hats off to each of the harding working nurses that I serve beside each and everyday.  You are a great bunch of men and women who do their best everyday to make sure our patient's are taken care of.  HAPPY EMERGENCY NURSES WEEK!!

Now off to my quilt guild meeting tonight,
Happy Quilting,

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