Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Travel Day Two

Today we left our beautiful spot in the Shenandoah Valley and headed further north toward amish country. Our goal today is to get to Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Our first stop was at Ragtime Quilts in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

This was a quaint little shop which had lots of fabrics and sewing supplies. Of course I came out with a few goodies.

I was able to find Nancy Zieman's The Art Of Landscape Quilting book. It should be a good read for the drive home.

Next we headed across town to the Virginia Quilt Museum.

The museum was wonderful. So many beautiful quilts on display in all three levels of the historic house. They had a special display of small quilts that they were doing a silent auction on to raise money for the museum. They were gorgeous. Wish I could have taken pictures to show you all of the beautiful quilts.

All of the exhibit quilts were gorgeous. Some from the civil war and they even had hand written letters between a husband in the war and his wife at home. Very touching.

One of the civil war quilts was english paper pieced hexagons and the quilter listed everyone who had shared fabrics with her to make the quilt. It was great to see that the technique we are still using was used hundreds of years ago and carried such sweet memories for the quilt maker. How wonderful that she documented so well. A reminder for us how important it is to document our own quilts.

Of course I did not leave there empty handed.

I also picked up some other goodies that I can't show yet.

When leaving the museum we spotted the farmer's market and walked over before leaving Harrisonburg.

I picked up a mahogany hand carved mortel and pestle. Beautiful.

We then headed for Pennsylvania. Beautiful country with spectacular views.

We arrived in Intercourse, Pa this afternoon. Our first stop was Zook's Fabrics

Here's soem fabric......


And more fabric everywhere........this place rivals Mary Jo's.

And the damage is..........I'm not telling...but another 12 yards of fabric have found a new home.

Some of my new stash.

Next was the Kitchen Kettle Village and the Village Quilt Shop.

I picked up a new back pack and wallet purse. So many shops would not let you take pictures...bummer dudes!

Tonight we did some walking in town, only problem is that in the amish villages the shops and stores are all closed by 5 pm. But it was a wonderful evening for a walk.

Now off to our room to rest up for another day of fun. Tomorrow Hershey here we come!

Happy quilting...

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