Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Travel Day Three......Hershey!

You can tell you are in Hershey, even the street light's are shapped like Hershey's Kisses....can you see the silver kiss street lamp?

These have the silver wrappers off so you can see the chocolate kiss.....hehehehe.

We arrived in Hershey PA this morning and headed to the car show/swap meet. Below is a copy of the program, it's 126 pages long. So let me explain how big this car show is... There are 11 different fields covering 9 1/2 miles with thousands of vendors in 715 different categories with car stuff for sell and used parts. Then there is 2 miles butt to butt of show cars to see. Today we walked for over 8 hours and only covered 1/2 of one of the 11 fields. OMG! We are both exhausted. But my boy is having a blast.

Here we go shopping......We brought a wagon with us to carry our finds.

We started out at 8:00 a.m. And Roger quickly found some old oil bottles at a great price...I spent the rest of the afternoon guarding them as every man who passed our cart was offering Roger seven and eight times what we paid for them...glad he got such a great deal.


Now this guy is desperate for parts. He is wearing a sign around his neck saying "i need steudebaker parts, any part". I also saw two kids about 10 years old with a large wagon both were wearing signs "let me be your parts hauler, we're for rent". They were hauling all kinds of parts for people. Young entrepreaneurs.

Rows, rows and oh my gosh more rows of stuff.

Look at the antique motorized tandum bicycle. Now that is my kind of bicycle.

Gurading the stash!

Automobile literature is a big deal. We found an owners manual for a 1928 Chandler, but we have a manual for our 1929.

This is my idea of a golf cart....sure wish I could have rented this sucker for the week! This thing was sharp.

Oh my goodness, another table of guages.

My baby looking, looking and more looking.

Another great find was 1929 auto tags.

I found the ONE non auto related vendor. She had vintage jewelry and some shade..hehehe.

This is a motor-meter for the Chandler. A great find.

Our club is The Chandler-Cleveland Automobile Club and I did find some ads on the Cleveland cars.

I did find some literature on the Chandler automobiles. These are sales fliers from 1928 & 1929. A good find.

Roger's new t-shirt.

Bins, bins and more bins of car parts, screws etc.

This is the beginning of what they call the car coral, the show cars for judging.

One of the antique cars scattered amoung the vendors.

See the roller coaster in the background?

More cool cars.

Beautiful autos.

We are back at the hotel now, a hot shower and a great to relax and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. We hope to be able to get to the Antique Automobile club of America Museum?
Until later..happy quilting,

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