Thursday, October 6, 2011

Travel Day Four-Part Three

After six hours of walking and searching for parts we headed out for a quick trip to a local quilt shop and then to the AACA Museum.

Here we have arrived at Quiltmaker's Cottage.

Lot's of beautiful fabric.

A very quaint quilt shop. Lot's of ladies from the car show were visiting the shop.

Don't think I need this....

A few goodies from the shop.

Next we were off to the AACA museum. They have done a great job with all the sections of the museum. Below are just a few pictures from our walk through.

The Hershey Kiss-o-mobile was out front when we arrived.

Belownare some of the cars we saw. A ton of cars in the exhibit, but unable to post all the photos.

A chandler hood ornament in the collection.

After walking through the museum we were exhausted and still have to get back so we can meet the others for supper. It's been a long day.

When we arrived back in our room we had a note and chocolate hammer left for us from the repair man who fixed a leaky sink.

Roger bought some tools today, so I'll show those tomorrow, need some sleep, another long day tomorrow.

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