Friday, October 14, 2011

Bee Time...... My Favorite Time!

The bee girls came over tonight for some fun and quilting. It is amazing how getting together to sew with special friends can turn a stressful day into a wonderful evening. Laughter is so good for the soul. I am so blessed to have this great group of ladies.

Another benefit of having your bee group is the mass of creative talent in one spot. If you are ever having a creative block you can have the bee girls look at your project with a new set of objective eyes. A good example of this was my wall hanging that I wanted to throw away. The bee girls told me to finish it and it won my first blue ribbon....go figure. They saw how impressive the quilt could be, while I was concentrating on the frustration of putting the project together into a cohesive quilt. Their objective eyes kept me working on the project. I am so glad that I listened to these creative ladies.

Here's Suzanne working on a Christmas quilt top. She won 32 blocks at the quilt guild Monday night. She is piecing additional blocks to make a full size quilt. We had the blocks on the design board earlier and it is going to be beautiful.

My cat sissy decided that the quilt I have in the longarm was a great place to hideout.

Suzanne making more blocks.....or maybe making a point.

Susan was working on her Carolina Chain blocks and was frustrated trying to find a good setting for the blocks. She needed a fresh set of eyes to help her figure out the placement to get the best flow of the design. It will be a striking quilt! All of this came from a bag of scrap fabrics Debbie brought one night for us to pick though. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Good dumpster diving Susan.

Mom was working on some scrappy trips around the world blocks for a quilt for her younger sister who is sick. She is using all shades of purple. It is going to be beautiful.

Debbie was working on a sample she needed to make for the Houston Quilt Show and a vendor's booth. Sue is working on a quilt-as-you go project. She was getting pieces ready to work on for an upcoming trip.

Here I was working on piecing the red, white and blue quilt for my uncle. I am making it a scrappy bargello quilt. I hope to get it pieced this weekend so it will be ready for the quilt frame next.

Thought for the day: Make time to spend with the creative people in your life, life should be the vehicle for releasing all of the special gifts that God has given to each of us. We are all full of talent that should be shared. Share your talents!

Happy Quilting,

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