Thursday, October 6, 2011

Travel Day Four- More From Hershey--Part One

Today was our second day at the car show/swap meet in Hershey. As I walked around with Roger I began noticing all of the different "vehicles" being used by show attendees to carry their treasures. They are so varied and innovative that I decided to make this part of my coverage of the show. I think you will find them just as intriging and some even funny.

This first one was like a portable trash collector. Huge wheels and a lid that tilted up to add your treasures, and a long handle on the rear so you didn't have to bend over.

This one was a rigged up cart which was not commercial but put together with all kinds of parts. Battery powered, had a locking box on back and basket on front. Seat was large enough for two people to ride.

This was our cart which had sides that could flip down. This came in handy at lunch time, we found a shady tree and were able to sit on the cart for a few minutes to eat some chicken fingers.

This was one of those Jazzy kart things, lots of people riding those.

These wheeled basket things were all over. Some with four wheels and some with only back wheels and a stand for front. People were carrying a lot of things in these. Most added a bag of some kind of bag to line the inside of the basket so small things did not fall through the basket.

This is a huge version of the cart we had, about four times as big. I could have laid down for a nap in this thing. Guys were hauling tires and fenders out in these things.

This guy was precious, always smiling every time I saw him. This thing was like one of the old train cars that you pumped the handle to make it move. He kept thing thing rocking. Talk about arm muscles! He just pushed and pulled the handle all over the place, and it would fly.

Now this guy had his jazzy thing souped up with an added wagon being pulled behind, saw alot of this kind of additions. On those electric jazzy carts.

Now this is a bad picture but I still think you can see the item. He has taken one of those jogging strollers and modified it to carry his stuff. Those big wheels made it really easy to push.

This guy brought his luggage cart with a milk crate strapped on to carry his stuff.

Another jazzy thing with added pull behind.

Now this guy wanted to make sure that when he did buy something he had enough bungie cords to keep it tethered to his dolly cart! He must have had 100 bungie cords on this thing.

Hey thing guy had a good idea, he attached his folding chair to his cart. He could stop anywhere and take a break.

Another dolly but this guy has two milk crates on his.

Anyone have an antique baby carriage? This guy had the wheeled section and added crates for the carriage part.

Now this guy really had his ducks in a row. This was great. He took a cart that is normally pulled behind a lawn mower, added a large wheel to the front of the cart, added a battery powered motor, handle bars from a bike with the controls. All he had to do wasbtouch the button on the handle bar with one hand while walking beside the cart. He could guide where he wanted it to go also with the same one hand. Pretty cool rig.

This kept me busy in between looking for Chandler parts, kinda fun to see how everyine deals with the heavy auto parts. Believe me you don't want to carry some fender that weighs 50 pounds and is large and ackward miles and miles back to your car. All of these contraptions serve a very needed purpose. Amazing to see how everyone uses resources they have to serve this purpose.

Better get this posted, part two will follow later tonight. We're off to meet some of the other Chandler Club members for supper tonight.

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