Thursday, October 6, 2011

Travel Day Four-Part Two

We saw lots of antique cars today, amazing how many are in one place. Usually at a car show you may have a few antique cars but the majority are muscle cars or hot rods.

Roger is always talking about a 65 Riveria that he had and loved. We saw this one at the show.

The Riveria was a beautiful green.

Above is a 1906 Pope.

This cord was gorgeous.

Roger was hoping that the wooden roller coaster would be running, but Hershey Park was closed for the season. I'm o.k. With that since he would have wanted me to ride that thing.

Below is Another antique car, but I can't remember what model it was.

Look at this big wheel bike. Look how tall that thing is. I would need a ladder to even get on the thing.

More to come in part three.

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