Monday, October 10, 2011

Quilt Guild Meeting

Tonight I was my quilt guild meeting. I just love my guild!
Our guest speaker tonight was Lynn Parker. she is a local teacher and I have taken one of her classes before, I took her watercolor log cabin class. Such a sweet and talented lady and always a joy to see.

Tonight Lynn brought a huge trunk show to share with us. She has been quilting for over 30 years.

This quilt was an example of an album quilt which her friends had each made a block.

This was a quilt from her watercolor phase. We all go through phases where we like certain kinds of quilts and seem to make several of those with that technique. This is gorgeous.

Tesselations is also a phase she has done. I don't think I will wonder into that phase.

Miniatures! Oh my goodness is this tiny and beautiful. Maybe again some day I will make one this small.

A miniature that she uses to display her quilting pin collection. Really a cute idea, since you can only hang so many pins on your badge.

This quilt was one of those wonky patterns.

Another tessalation quilt.

Lynn has also taught many classes on making sweatshirt jackets. These were beautiful.

A bow tie quilt which was done in a quilt as you go pattern. I love the red and blacks in this quilt.

This is another album quilt pattern.

This was from a friendship exchange she did with ladies in her quilt bee.

Lynn brought alot more quilts but no way to watch, listen and take pictures of them all, hope you enjoyed the few I captured.

Another great speaker arranged by our vice president Susan Perham. Great job Susan!

Happy Quilting,

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