Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


Hope that everyone is having a safe and wonderful halloween today.  I just got home from my "torture session" at the gym with my trainer Heather.  This is Heather below dressed as a slice of stuffed crust pizza.  Try staring at that the whole time you work out!!  Hard to believe she used to be over 100lbs heavier.  Next to her is Sherri who is also a trainer at Coops.  She is wearing her 8th grade dance outfit.  She's lost 130 lbs. at Coops.  Great Inspiration from both of these ladies.

Thanks Heather so far I've lost 24.5lbs and I am thrilled.   Well right now I would say I'm exhausted and can barely walk, but I do love ya girl!!

It has been a busy time this second half of October.  It is amazing how fast the months are flying by these days......does that mean I'm getting old????  I think NOT!!

Below are two of my nurses at St. Francis who both just happen to be pregnant at the same time.  Belly to Belly giving report!!  How cute!! I did ask their permission to post this picture.  Erica on the left is due in a couple of weeks and Jennifer on the right is due the end of the year....or maybe a New Year's baby.  Congrats to both.

Since I can only move my fingers right now I thought it was a good time to post. 

Hope to do some quilting tonight on my uncle's patriotic quilt.  I have got to get that thing done!!

Happy quilting,

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