Friday, January 13, 2012

Another UFO Busting Tip # 6

This system is moving us right along in our UFO busting.  Is anyone out there moving with me?????  I know you have some UFO's.........remember I have x-ray vision....hehehe.
Pat's next tip goes back to girl scout days....anyone remember those?  I was never a girl scout but I was raised in the country and taught good common sense.
UFO Busting Tip #6
The Buddy system
A safety practice that groups two or three girls together to keep watch over each other in an activity (for example, swimming, hiking). The system places girls of equal ability in the same grouping.
PUT ON YOUR UFO BUSTING Uniform and get a few quilters together so you can
  • 'report' on progress to each other
  • share your lists with each other- (o.k. my list is already posted here on the blog)
  • Call on them for help when you have not touched a UFO in days.. or let's be real... in WEEKS.. ok more real.. MONTHS!  Or I add here YEARS!
  • Get your posse and have a UFO sewing day. Make it more fun and ask your local quilt shop if you can sew there!
  • Go on a hunt and gather of each other's home to be sure ALL UFO's are accounted for... because that is what good friends are for.
This is another reason I love my bee girls, they keep you honest and real!  If you don't have a group of ladies that you quilt with........then get one.  The inspiration alone is amazing.  My group of bee ladies are some of the most talented people I know.  If I get stuck trying to figure out something chances are one of them has already been through the same problem and has an awesome solution already figured out.  And sometimes I am able to return the favor to them and help them out of a situation. 
Another advantage of a "bee" group is the stress relief from all of the laughter that comes out of getting a group of quilters together.  We have a blast when we sit and cut, sew or quilt for hours. 

You get the idea now?
You need friends to get you through
So what are you waiting for?
Get your friends together and having a UFO busting party, weekend or retreat.
Let's GO SEW!
Now this seems like a great spot to offer my bee girls an incentive or better yet a UFO challenge...........
Quilting Bee UFO Busting Challenge
  1. E-Mail me with your list of UFO's
  2. Follow up with the tips to organize and sort
  3. Send me your list of 3-10 you choose to finish and let's put a 6 month deadline on these.  July 27th at Bee.  (that is this July 2012....hehehe)
The bee member who completes the most of their UFO's by July 27th will receive..........
$25 gift card to Outback Steak House
$25 gift card to Mary Jo's

So let me know who all is IN!!  This is definately better than the last challenge I issued with the machine quilting book and project.  Hope you will all join in the should be fun.

Happy Quilting,

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