Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pincushions and Bobbins

I don't know about you but I seem to love pincushions.  I make them, I get them as gifts and I purchase them at boutiques.  I have pincushions in all shapes and sizes.  Obviously no one needs a ton of pincushions but I think I have them in every room of the house.....just in case I need a pin sometime...hehehe.

I have several pictures here of my pincushion collection.  I never realized until today that I had a "collection" of pincushions.  As you can see I wasn't kidding about all shapes and sizes.  We have fruit shaped, a chicken, heart shaped, wool and even a magnetic mechanic's bowl.
 The second picture with additional "collection".  Aren't the owl's cute as pie.  Sandy W. a guild member made these for the boutique and of course I had to buy some for gifts and these two for me.  The triangle shaped one was given to me by Susan and even has a little "bee" on it.  Then you have the trusty piece of wool that slips easily into your "carry project" bag.
 The next picture is two wrist pincushions. 
 The patriotic one was given to me by my friend Suzanne, which I love to use when I am sewing at my machine.
 The other one I purchased and use on the front rail of my long arm to put pins I may be using while quilting.
 Now on to bobbins.  Below is a picture of the candy container I got while on our trip to Hershey, PA.  I enjoyed the Hershey kisses that it contained and could not bring myself to throw it away....way to cute!
 So now it houses my pre-wound bobbins in a multitude of colors.  I guess you could call this another kind of quilters candy.
 Now do you have a "collection" of pincushions also?  Would love to see pictures of your collection.
Happy Quilting,

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