Saturday, January 14, 2012

More UFO Busting Tips

Today my plan is to spend time getting my current UFO project's that I have chosen to move to the top of the list to finish in progress that I can have kitted up to work on when I have those "15 minute" increments. 
So my list of 6 UFO's that I have chosen to get done:
  • Fast to finish:  Yellow/brown braid quilt---DONE!!  CHECK-A-ROO....
  • Current Deadline:  Patriotic Quilt for Jason.  My deadline set is March 1st.
  • So Love Working on:  Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.  Mom is so glad that I have put this on the list to get done.  She really wanted us to both have them done.
  • Long Term Project:  I've chosen my Cathedral Window quilt.
  • Gifts:  The fishing themed quilt which will be a gift for our Son and daughter-in-law in Washington state.
  • Love and can finish easily:  I chose my brown kaleidoscope blocks that I want to make into a table cover.
So one down and five more currently on my "get it done list".  I am so excited on how this is coming together and getting me organized with my UFO's. 
Now on to Pat's next tip.
UFO Buster Tip #7--"Let's Trade"
Do you remember trading things as a Kid? I mostly remember trading lunch items... nobody EVER wanted those carrots ... mmm I just don't get that!
Or trying to 'trade' candy or something equally important with my brother.. he was younger.  (I differ here as my brother was older and was always trying to figure out a way to trade me out of stuff.....go figure)
Pat says she thought she often just took what she wanted... ahhhh.. childhood memories!
Have you ever thought about trading  as a UFO Event?
You have something you would rather not have.. they want get the idea...
  • You have a UFO your not sure you want anymore... your friend does too... you like hers better and she likes yours better... a match made in Heaven!
  • How about trading SERVICES to move a project along?  You hate to baste, she hates to bind... switch-a-roonie and a UFO is done!
What else can you trade to BUST some UFOs???
Your assignment
  • Make a list (yes I LOVE lists) of TWO things you LIKE to do that you could trade services for.
  • Two things you DO NOT LIKE to do that you would want someone else to do.
  • Pick ONE project would you trade for a better one or Trade services for?
Now you can get with your friends and find out who else has things that they hate to do, project they no longer like and suggest a trade. 

I'm off now to start getting some more blocks cut for my cathedral window quilt, getting the strip sets for the patriotic quilt cut so I can sew them back together again and put the brown kaleidoscope blocks up on the design board to figure out my placement and piecing order.  That is probably all I will have time to get ready to sew prior to the playoff game tonight.  My plan is to have my featherweight in the livingroom and sew while Roger and I watch the playoff.  Hummmmmm.......popcorn, quilting and football.......think it will be a great day.  Another thought here......started off the day with no headache......Thank you Lord for a wonderful start to this day!

Happy Quilting,

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