Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bonus Projects

Bonus projects are one thing that I love about quilting.  "Waste not Want not".  As quilters we are always looking for ways to use up what we have and not waste any space.  One of the things that I do to use up extra batting and backing when I am quilting a quilt in my long arm is to put extra fat quarters or larger scraps of fabric beside a quilt in the frame or below the quilt to use up the extra batting and backing.  What I have at the end is quilted fabric that I can make into anything I choose.

Below is a picture of some of the zippered bags I made from fabric used beside or below another quilt being quilted in the longarm.  Smaller scraps also serve to let me test my tension during the quilting process when I change a bobbin or thread.  I can use these bags as gifts or donate them to our Quilt Show Boutique to be sold as fundraisers for our guild.  Bonus projects......they are a good thing!
 Two or three years ago I bought a "lot" of zippers on ebay for I think $10.  Now I have zippers of all sizes and colors so I have infinate possibilities when I make "bonus projects".  Need zippers......check ebay for a "lot" which usually have many zippers in various sizes and colors.  You too can have a stash to use for these bonus projects.

Hope you are able to find some "bonus projects" in your quilting world today.
Happy Quilting,

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