Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Cold Windy Sunday

Burrr.....It has been really cold today.  The temperature was around 54 when we left for church this morning, but when we got out it was 42.....burrrrrrrrrr.  And the wind has been really rockin here today. 

When I started cleaning out and going through my UFO's I began finding things that I had not seen in a VERY long time.  This is one of those "I forgot I had it" items.  After my grandfather passed away I had only asked for his shirts and ties and I have a plan for a quilt, but in that bag of shirts and ties that I received when my father and his sisters cleaned out papa's house was several of my grandmother Lena's quilt tops.  Below is one of those, handpieced hexagon quilts.  See the shirting fabrics used from papa's and the boy's old shirts?  Look at that hand stitching.......not the smallest in the world, but it's stitches placed there by my grandma Lena....PRICELESS!
 The front of the same quilt.  Utilitarian quilts to me have so much character.
 Now back to my UFO's.  I've gotten all of the brown kaleidoscope blocks completed, I'm going to set them 5 x 7.  I have all seven rows of blocks completed and some are already squared up, but I've got more to square.  Now to pick out some brown from my stash for the borders.  I really contemplated making this smaller like 5 x 5 but Roger convinced me to finished the blocks I already had cut out.........Since he is 6-ft tall I think he had an alterior motive to have this long enough for him to use in his recliner.......hummmmmmm.
That is o.k. because I love seeing people I love cozy under a quilt that I made.  Kinda makes it even more special doesn't it.
 Now for this girl............
purrrrrr.....yes mam I found you new scrap bucket.....hehehe!  Oh well, I can't complain since I love touching fabric also.

Hope you have had some fun quilting today.

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