Friday, January 20, 2012

UFO Busting Tip #9

Pat Sloan is keeping us rolling on our UFO Busting with her ninth tip.

UFO Busting Tip #9--The Art Of The Disassemble.

Pat's tip is generated by her friend Becky who left a comment
during an early tip.
Becky said - "If you don't love the project, but love fabric that you have set aside... break up the set!" Becky wrote that she has done this with great success. She has give away the parts that are done as someone will the love the challenge of working with it!
Thank you Becky!! visit her blog

Pat is UP for this challenge.. She is going to show you THREE of Pat's UFOs and How I'd Disassemble them (note I did not say I WOULD do this... it may just be an example of what I COULD do.. just saying)  Below is Pat's basket

Project Number 1

This is a set of blocks from Le Fleur De' Jardin designed by Lisa DeBee Shiller. It's an older pattern and not sure you can get it anymore (ok.. if you want to try go ahead... )
Pat has ALREADY changed out the fabric TWO TIMES for this quilt since the project was completed
What to do?
1-Pat can keep the blocks and when she feels READY to finish she can find new fabric
2- If Pat choses to do number 1 then she can put the setting fabrics BACK into her 'Collection' (stash)
Project Number 2

Another pattern pack from 'days gone by'. Susan Powell's Victory Garden applique quilt.
Some of Susan's patterns are out again and you can find a new version of this pattern HERE
ONLY one block done. Pat says "the applique is 'ok'.. not wonderful.", I say the applique is GREAT! 
What to do?
Pat loves the pattern and the fabric so deciding what to do with it is a hard choice.  Pat kept thinking she could keep the block and add a solid cream border around it and use it for her  label
Then start over with new fabric and better skills!
Project Number 3

Some of you might recognize this "Happy Everything" project package from YEARS gone by.
Technically Pat could call this a project PACKAGE as she hardly did any work (Pat cut the panel on the right,  think it was a hankie).
Pat pulled all this to do a "Happy Everything" quilt for herself.. yes for Pat!
But it never did happen
What to do?
1- Pat could take the cake panels and do something JUST with them.
2- Pat could sell off one or the other of the panel sections
3- move the raspberry fabric BACK into my "Collection"... remember that's a fabulous word to describe your fabric!
Pat has alot of inspiration for us.  Amazing to see how each of us quilters have projects that we have begun over the years and for one reason or another have not completed. 
During a conversation with Roger the other night I came to realize that I have loved finishing projects that I have myself designed.  I start alot of other projects or patterns but find that I most love finishing the quilts that I myself have designed.  Wow......I had never thought about it that way before.  So one of my goals this year along with finishing up these UFO's can I change the project to make it what I truly want it to be in the end.  Goes right along with what Pat is saying in this tip.  Disassemble the "kit, pattern, fabrics" and make it your own style. 
*** So what can YOU Disassemble??? ***
Your assignment
  • PICK TWO UFOS (YES REALLY) Ones that you REALLY love the fabrics, but are pretty sure you NEVER want to finish
  • BUST those fabrics back into your stash
I believe I may have already accomplished this one, but I will dig deeper into my UFO's and see if there are any of these type projects left. 

Now for an update:

While watching NCIS last night I was able to sew some more of the blocks for my cathedral window quilt.  Remember that I already have all of the 9 1/2 inch squares cut and ready to sew by my featherweight machine.  So last night I was able to get this big pile done and ready to turn and press tonight at quilt bee.  Yippie!!
Progress.....I just love this! 

Hope you can get some quilting into your day today.

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