Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nerves Are Shot!

I like to think that I am a pretty together woman and can handle most situations so today I was scheduled for the MRI of my cervical spine to see if we can pinpoint the reason for my headaches.  So I had to be there at 6:45 a.m. this morning, no problem, I'm a morning person anyway.  No worries, I know the techs since I work with them on a regular basis when we send ER patient's for MRI's. So why are my nerves shot????????  Oh My God!!!  I hadn't prepared myself for being totally encased in that MRI tube with a metal cage around my head and face, being pushed into the tube like a roll of mind you I am not the biggest girl in the world so I don't know how they get some of the people we send over there into that tube. 

Can't have headphones and music because I'm having the c-spine MRI.  So here I am in a tube with no music, my arms, hips etc. all touching the sides of the machine, my hands clenched together on my abdomen and I have 25 minutes to hold still.  Then the air-raid starts.  I sure think they could have found a way to make this thing a little less loud.........but after a while I could make a rhythm out of the bomb shells falling.

I made it though the test, but when David said he was bringing me out I could not wait to get out of that tube, room, building.  I almost think I ran to the outside.  I passed lots of people I knew in the hospital but I just kept moving.  By the time I got to Roger my hand were just a shaking.  Now I know exactly why patient's are always saying they will never have another one of those things.  Sure hope his pictures turned out good cause I don't think I can redo that!!  David said that I did great during the procedure.... good thing he wasn't in that tube with me he would have felt how hard my heart was pounding.  Haven't said the psalms and proverbs that many times in a row in a LONG time.  Thank you Lord for your words of comfort.

Whew........Now I just need to unwind and get myself back together.  Maybe some fabric to fondle will help.  Got to find something to take my mind off that tube. 

Happy Quilting,

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