Monday, January 16, 2012

UFO Busting Tip #8

UFO Busting Tip #8- "Time To Delegate"

Tip 8 is closely related to Tip 7 on Trading. 
If you can't find anyone to Trade with what do you do?
Do you find yourself getting stuck on a project at a certain point... maybe the SAME point on each one?
Do you have part of the UFO that you can pay/trade someone to do?
Is there someone you know who loves to do the parts you REALLY don't like?  I have friends in our guild who only like to piece the tops but don't do any quilting at all.  These ladies send their tops out to hand and machine quilters to do the quilting.  There is nothing wrong with having someone else do the quilting for you.  Some ladies were hand quilters and due to arthritis now in their hands can no longer do the hand quilting and don't want to learn the art of machine quilting themselves.  So they provide jobs for those who do love that process......see the point here?  You don't have to love each and every step of the quilt making process. 
Below are some of the things that quilters may not love to do such as:
So if these are some of the things holding you up in completing that project, DELEGATE that job to someone who really loves that process.  Prior to getting my longarm I sent several quilt tops out to be quilted by longarmers.  I was glad to pay the fee needed to get that quilt finished.  Now I am blessed to have the equipment needed to do the I just need the time to get it done.  I am working on that aspect of the process.

Now you may not be the King painting his own stripes on the road but you are the QUEEN of your quilting kingdom and have the royal power to delegate duties which you do not love to is the first on your list to delegate? The power of delagation has not always been a big one for me as I have always been one to get it done myself.  So I will have to think hard about this one.

My delegation (or request in this case) will be to ask mom to remove the remaining backing and batting from my zipper leaders after I quilt the quilts.  It is just a part that is always a "pain in my hinney".  I'm sure she won't mind that process in exchange for getting her quilts quilted.

Happy Quilting everyone,

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