Thursday, January 5, 2012

How To Slim Down Your Pile Of Unfinished Objects (UFO's)

While reading Pat Sloans blog about her classes and stuff she had a series of posts about ways and tips for getting those UFO's out of your To Do List.  Some of these were really intersting so I've decided to go through them to see if it will help with my pile of things to do.  If you want to see all of the things she listed you can visit her blog at

Today I am going to start sorting all of my projects into these groups.  I'll post my lists and or pictures of each of my groups this weekend.

Group A-Almost Done
Start sorting all of the projects that are almost done and put them in order of importance.

Group B- Almost Done......but.....
From the list above I know there are ones that I have started but truly don't want to finish....right?????  I agree with Pat "you don't need to finish everything you have started".
If you no long love it:
  • give it away
  • sell it
  • but under no circumstances keep it.  trash it if you have to.....hopefully there will be another alternative, but anyway do not keep it.
Group C- Partially done and I Love the project and I want to finish it.

Now list your partially done projects.....just tops at this time and put them into order of importance.
So here is my list:  (If I can do can do this)

Group D- Barely Started projects
This is the last group for you to sort.  The ones you have barely started.
  • Just what is in this group
  • Are they newly barely started projects
  • Old barely started projects
  • You must have done something to put into this pile.......sure you have.
  • Collections of fabric and pattern do not count right here (great!)
  • Take a Good.....Hard.....Ruthless.....Look at this pile.  Keep only the projects that you truly want to continue and finish.
NOW WHAT?  After all this sorting I'll start by evaluating each of these piles using Pat's 12 tips for working on and completing these projects.  Hopefully this will inspire me and help me sort through the past 20 years of quilting projects.  Help me make some sense of some things and move on from others.  Using this system I should have all of the pending projects sorted into 4 piles by this weekend.

Sounds like a great plan to me...........until the next tip.

Bee girls are coming over tonight so I need to have some sorting done but out of the way so we can have some fun........I am so ready for some fun.

Happy quilting,

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