Friday, January 27, 2012

Work Smarter......Not Harder

Have you ever heard the saying....If you want a project done give it to a busy person..?  We workers that are busy are always wondering why someone would ask a person who is always running to do another project....why you ask......because we will get it done!  I have always got lists of things to get done in a day and always have.  If you are a person who sets goals in your life you know that first you must have a goal written down.  Those who write their goals down will achieve 90% more than those who don't write their goals down. 

Your brian is a miraculious thing, and if you keep those wheels churning it will help you achieve your goals.  If you want to reach those big goals you set you must first break them down into bite size when someone asks you how to you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  Have just a huge goal in front of you can be disheartening......all you see is that huge thing looming over you.  But if you have small parts like piecing one block or appliqueing down one cathedral window or sewing one hexi onto the piece today when you will not feel so overwhelmed.  Put your final goal in front of you but keep those small parts close at hand.  Before you know it you will achieve that big bite at a time.

UFO's are no different than other goals you have in life.  If you make them a priority and set up small bite size chunks you will complete them.  Pat Sloan reminded me of this today with her e-mail.....
Dear Shelia,      
I'm asked a LOT how do I get so much done.

Here are My TOP THREE Tips for Getting More Done!

1. Always have a project out where you can get to it. Do not put everything 'away' where it takes precious time to get it out. 

2. Work at least 10 minutes a day, no matter how busy you are you can find 10 min a day. While food cooks, while on the phone (head set!), waiting 'anywhere'... see #1 about having a project ready.. THAT is key 

3. Have ONE goal for finishing that is manageable. Such as "I will applique one leaf today"... NOT... "I will piece this whole top tonight"... huge difference.. MANAGEABLE goals.  
"Work smarter, not harder."
- Ron Carswell  
You are so right Pat.  My goal is 15 minutes a day on one of my projects.  A couple of years ago mom and I took a Messenger Bag and Tote class at the Quilter's Of South Carolina retreat.  I made this messenger purse.....which I LOVE and this tote which I have had in the closet, love it but just have not been using it.  It now is in my car as my Take With You Everywhere Bag Project.  I am keeping pieces of my cathedral window project and anything that needs binding etc.  When I know I am going to be somewhere for a few hours I can carry this in with me and have several things to work on.  I am also keeping a magazine in there to read.
 Remember the pink zipper bag that I had made out of extra quilted fabric????  It is in my purse with hexi flowers I can do on the run if I have 10-15 minutes or so to work on a project.
 So set those goals and give yourself the equipment you need at hand to help you meet those goals.

Happy Quilting,

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Frog Quilter said...

I agree with your philosophy and practice it myself. Other quilters wonder how you get so much done; little bits of time really add up.