Friday, January 6, 2012

Here Is My List Of UFO Groups

This is the beginning
To truly begin you must know where you are starting from,
So I have hauled out all of those UFO's and
The sorting process is truly an eye opening experience.  In the past I have made what I called a UFO list, but now I see that it was in no way all inclusive of the projects that I had in waiting.  I love the idea Pat Sloan had of sorting them into the groups.  It has felt good to finally get rid of some projects that I had started and had for years given me grief and guilt for not finishing.  It is alright to have changed what you like and move on in your quilting life.  So are you joining me in this sorting......purging process?

Drum roll please............and here is my list.

Group A:  Almost Done

  • Brown/Yellow braid quilt (it is in the longarm now)
  • Blue & Yellow Star Quilt (top is pieced, needs quilting, shown on far right in picture)
  • My First Round Robin (Top is complete, Just needs quilting.  Shown on left in picture)
  • Fishing Theme Quilt (Top is finished, just needs quilting.  I am going to finish this as a gift for our son & daughter-in-law in Washington state.  Will be a great Christmas gift for this year.  to the right of round robin in picture)
  • Cathedral Window (This top is close to the size I want, think you can pick this one out....hehe)
  • Black & Brights wonky star (A secret sister quilt from Debbie Miller 2005, all 24 blocks are pieced, forgot to put into the picture above, see below.
Group B:  Almost Done.......but I don't really want to finish it????
This was a very hard group and as you see there are not a lot of projects in this pile.......yet.  But there will be some suprised quilters who start digging through the bag of scraps at the meeting Monday night.
  • Halloween Mantle Cover.  (I designed this in 1995 and started hand appliqueing the pieces, but have never finished the project.  I truly think this is going in the toss pile, loved the idea I had but have outgrown the project)  Wow that was hard to do and say.
  • Burgundy and Blue Block of the month blocks- these were started in 1996 and are going into the bag of scraps for the guild meeting.
  • Red and Black Card Trick blocks (Started in 1997 and I have 7 completed and pieces cut for others) another group going into the bag for scraps.
  • Red and Blue Mountain Majesty blocks- (these were left overs from making the border for my "I Want You To Quilt" patriotic quilt you see on my blog.  I have 14 blocks left and have hung onto them waiting for another project to use them on...........but think I am done with them now.  I'll add them to the bag of scraps and orphan blocks I'm taking to the guild Monday night to give away to any quilter who wants extra scraps or blocks).
Group C: Partially Done--I love and want to finish.
  • Kaleidoscope Quilt in browns (20 blocks completed and lots of parts for other blocks.)

  • Crown Royal Star Blocks (Started 5/22/2002 and I have 14 blocks completed and bags to make more)

  • Purple and Green Paper Pieced Star Blocks (There are 20 finished blocks in this pile and they are pretty, I got these at a quilting yard sale at guild and I want to piece the top, add some borders and get it done.)

  • Eqyptian Themed Turning Twenty Quilt- (all the blocks are pieced, I just have to piece them into the top, add border and quilt.  I want to get this done as one of those throws to have around for cuttling under)

  • Roll, Roll Cotton Boll- (2010 Mystery from Bonnie Hunter.  Mom and I both did this quilt, I've gotten all of my blocks pieced, just need to decide if I want to do the given border or something different.  I have all of the border pieces cut)

  • Jar Quilt- This is from an online exchange I did in 2008.  (I have 21 blocks of all different sizes which are so cute, I definately want to make this into a wall hanging or lap throw)

      • Patriotic Scrappy Bargello Quilt- (This quilt I started a few months ago to give to my uncle who was sick, unfortunately I did not make it in time for him to receive, but I have decided to complete the quilt and give it to his son Jason, I think Jason will appreciate the rememberence.  So now it will be a quilt in memory of his dad)
      • Cheveron Quilt- I have 4 large cheveron borders that I pieced to go with a block of the month quilt I did way back in 1993 or 1994.  I pieced the quilt top all but adding these border pieces and a year or so ago I decided that I didn't like the quilt or the colors that I had made the blocks out of so I donated it to our philanthropy group for a Habitat for Humanity Quilt.  But I still had the borders.  I think I can make a bar design quilt and use something inbetween these pieces to make a throw......or that is currently the plan.....but the sorting weekend has not ended yet.)
      • Halloween Scrap Pinwheel Blocks--(I have 35 of these pieced using scrap blacks and halloween fabrics in my stash.  I think I started this in 2006)
      • Friendship Star Blocks- ( I have 12 blocks left from piecing my Starts Across Carolina quilt.  Enough to add some sashing or just borders and make a throw......I could do that for a Habitat donation quilt!
      From making these lists I have come to the conclusion that I DO NOT NEED TO START ANYTHING HALLOWEEN, I believe I have enough of those type of projects in the pile!

      Group D:  Barely Started
      • Nutcracker Quilt- (I have all of the patterns for the quilt)
      • Halloween Applique Quilt- (I have all of the patterns and materials for the blocks, borders, backing and binding.  This was a block of the month that I purchased and put into the pile, but I love this quilt and want to get it made)
      • Halloween Swap Blocks- (These blocks are from an online swap that I did in 2009, there are 23 blocks )
      • Rooster Table Runner- (I have the pattern and fabrics to make this)
      • Paper Pieced Shirt/Tie Quilt- (I have shirts and ties from my grandfather and dad to make this quilt.  A project for the heart.  I have already made all of the paper templates for piecing.  Just need to take the ties and shirts apart to use)
      • Birthday Quilt- This is blocks that were signed at my 50th birthday party, my bee friend Susan sent the blocks for people to sign, so special as some of those people are no longer with us.  I WANT THIS DONE as a beautiful reminded of how special each person in my life is.
      • Patriotic Banner Quilt- (I have the pattern and fabric for this quilt, which I think was purchased in 2002 while in Canada)
      • Bright and Gray blocks from Secret Sister 2009-Darlene Morse
      • In this pile I am also putting--10 crumb blocks that I pieced in a Bonnie Hunter class and 6 scrap blocks that I pieced and still like.  I can make mug rugs or a small wall hanging out of these.  (I put into the give away scrap bag tons of orphan blocks......and I do mean tons......those that are not scrafed up by quilters Monday night will find a spot in the trashcan......but not coming back home.
       I have enjoyed this process and now am ready to get to the first tip on how to get these done.  I feel just sorting and getting rid of some has made a huge difference.  I'll post the first tip tomorrow and how I am doing with it.  Now off to another doctor appointment and getting ready for my bee tonight.

      Happy Quilting,

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