Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great Report And Dad Home!

Dad had another incident of chest pain and another bout of atrial fibrillation.  So it has been a long 24 hours in the hospital.  He had a heart cath yesterday to see if something was causing him to have the atrial fibrillation more frequently.  He has had this for years but has been very controlled on medications until just this past year where he has had three incidences of return of the fibrillation.  So doctor wanted to make sure he did not have some vessel disease that was causing the problem. 

In the picture below he is waiting his allotted time before he can be discharged home.  His heart cath was clean.  He has NO PLAQUE AND NO BLOCKAGES!  What a wonderful blessing.  Dr. San gave us the report that dad's arteries are as clean as when he was born, "slick as a baby's butt".  Awesome!  "so can I go home now?  dad asks.  Dr. San used the radial artery for the heart cath so dad did not have to lie flat for 8 hours and his recovery time will be faster.  Due to dad being on coumadin to thin his blood out and his blood being VERY thin right now INR 2.8 the risks of bleeding after the procedure were less with the radial artery than with the femoral in his groin.  Plus he could sit up and move around right after the procedure.  
 Below is the beautiful sinus rhythm he was in during the stay.  He converted out of atrial fib right after he arrived in the emergency room Monday night.  His chest pain was from the heart beating out of rhythm.

Below he is about to be discharged.  No bleeding from the cath site and STARVED!!  
 I took my hexie flowers with to do as hand work while waiting on the procedure, report and post procedure time.  Thank goodness for my quilting and IPAD.  Thankfully mom was feeling better from her bronchitis.  Maybe this week I can get them both feeling better "at the same time???"  Bless them.....they really are doing great for 76 and 78 years old.
Got to catch up on work today, coding patient charts but hopefully this afternoon or evening I can get some quilting time in.  So many blessings today.  So many prayers answered.  God is such a gracious God!!  More UFO busting stuff later this week.

Happy quilting,

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