Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Electric Quilt 7

I have started playing with my electric quilt program.  Finally getting to do some designing.  It really is a great program.  Now I just need to get down all that it will do.  I plan on using it to help me design the block of the month blocks for our guild meetings each month.

I've been up since 1:50 this morning due to another crazy headache.  I see the doctor again tomorrow to schedule the MRI and see what else I can do (except amputate) that can help with these headaches.  I am taking off 5 days in a row to just relax and hopefully play some in my quilting studio.  Wonder how much I can get accomplished in that time frame???????   I know the idea is to rest, but gosh I haven't had that much time in my room in ?????? I don't remember when.  So  you know I HAVE to do some sewing and quilting.  But I do need to take a quick cat nap sometime so I can work this evening.  I'm covering for Amy at Greer so she could go to the Orange Bowl game in Miami. 

Now back to my design board, Happy quilting today.

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