Friday, January 27, 2012

UFO Busting Tip #10

I know you think I had forgotten to finish my UFO busting tips.....but no no no.  I have been giving us all time to use the first few tips before moving on to new ones.  I hope that you have been able to use some of the previous tips to get your projects sorted and chosen those you want to work on.  I really seem to be making progress on my projects.

So on to Pat's UFO Busting Tip #10
Quick Finish Quilt

Pat says For most of my quilting life I have considered what I do to put the 3 layers of a quilt together (the quilting..and could we have NOT found another word for this.. so confusing... but I digress!)
ok.. where was I?
Oh yes... I have always considered that the quilting really enhanced the quilt and I really wanted to add that additional layer of design to the piece.

But sometimes you JUST NEED TO FINISH something...
Like a baby quilt
A Lap quilt
Even a BED quilt

So Pat is going to share her "Fast Finish" quilting.  You are going to love it for things that just need to be done.  See that plaid? 
It's a minkee .. use any brand.. use fleece.  No batting in this pile.. did you notice that?

Clamp that minkee/fleece baking to your basting table

I have owned these "Cheap-o" clamps for 100 yrs..
seriously.. 100 yrs
Just be sure you can OPEN them WIDE enough for the edge of your table

Lay the TOP on the backing right side up
No batting...

Baste in your usual manner.. I adore pins... and my kwik klip (get it here)!

Ready to quilt?
This is the grid I'm going to do
In the ditch and then an big 'x' through all the blocks
Trim the edge so we can do binding! 
Don't forget Pat's tutorial on Binding done by machine (CLICK HERE to my tutorial on machine binding!)
And all done!
I am looking at a LOT of my quilts with fresh eyes...
I can do this grid quickly and the piece is soft and cuddly and
If you can't find this type of backing at your local quilt shop Pat has an option to help, then click HERE to my partner fabric site where they have LOADS of options!
*** So what can YOU Quilt this way???
This was another great tip from Pat on getting a UFO done and out of your pile.  I've never used the Minkie or just fleece as a backing before and not used batting.  Guess we ARE allowed to think of a quilt in different terms.  We don't always have to have 3 different layers to make a quilt.
Only a few more tips left to help us sort those projects.
Happy Quilting,

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