Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cooking Day

Today I am spending a few hours getting some freezer meals done and packaged up to freeze. I love freezer cooking as it gives me the flexability I need with my schedule. It also gives me great tasting food that anyone can throw together in a minute for a fast meal.

I have several pots going at one time. Today I am starting out with ground beef and turkey. This first pot is going to be Chili.......YES!! Great to have on hand for these cold, rainy days we've been having lately.

This next pot is going to be spaghetti sauce. Once ready and packaged all I have to do is throw some pasta on to cook and simmer the sauce to warm....or better yet pop it into the microwave if time is really short. Mushrooms and onions sauteeing ready for the ground beef to be added.

The last pot is going to be Taco Meat. I love to get this ready and packaged. Then I have flexability to make a taco salad, nachos or taco's in a flash.'s a good thing in a quilters life. Less time cooking means more time for quilting.

My sweet hubby was busy last night adding some extra shelves for me in my studio. He added one above my ironing board. He set my old singer machine that I bought last year on our anniversary trip on the shelf to help "set the glue". I think it looks great there.......maybe she found a place to stay for now.

He also put a shelf below my tv so I can set my boombox he gave me to use with my IPAD 2 at Christmas. It also has FM radio I can use when I don't have my IPAD set in. It is remote control so I can adjust it from across the this thing. More flexability........

Now if I could just get my body to have more flexability...hehehe.
Happy Quilting,

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