Thursday, January 12, 2012

UFO Tip #5

I am really making some headway on my UFO's and these tips from Pat Sloan are pushing me forward. 

UFO Busting Tip #5
Search and Rescue. 

 "Search and Rescue" is VERY important
Ask yourself these questions
  • When was the last time you actually SAW the top of your cutting table
  • Is your ironing board piled HIGH with crap that needs put away.. .. treasures you purchased?
  • Do you HAVE your newly selected 3 to 10 UFOs in a spot where you can actually GET to them? 
  • Where are your Scissors,  rotary cutter, favorite Ruler, needles and thread (pick one ..or all!)
  • Can you just SIT DOWN and sew at ANY time?
  • Do you have a project 'at the ready'..and what is it in? No it does not count if it is in a box under the bed in other room 
Do you see where I'm going with this one? 
You need your STUFF at the ready.
Don't waste precious time
  • hauling out the sewing machine
  • looking for your rotary cutter
  • clearing off the ironing board
  • hunting for your hand work so you can take it with you
Your assignment
  • Identify THREE organization things that make it HARD for you to get to work
  • Now FIX THEM (yes clear off that ironing board and KEEP it clear!)
  • Reward yourself when that is done
I am really enjoying these tips from Pat Sloan and can not wait to meet her in person to thank her for all of her inspiration.  Even if you do just one of these tips I am sure that you will get some of your UFO's done, or maybe even decide like I have that you really don't even like some of your UFO's anymore.  Either way there are not any quilt police going to show up at your door and arrest you for giving or throwing away a unfinished project! 

Now I am really going to get down to brass tacks and get my stuff in order.  Here are pictures below of the state of my quilting table and ironing table this morning as I post..........yuck!  I know why it is crazy, I'm sorting and throwing away stuff and in the middle of that I had to prepare for the guild meeting Monday night......but still......I must kick this sorting project into overdrive and get it finished.  So as embarrassed as I am about the yuckiness I am thrilled that I am sorting and tossing. 

I have part of the patriotic quilt in the livingroom where I can piece on it in the evening with Roger.  My plan is to get parts of my cathedral window in my carry box to take to bee, doctor's visits etc., and have in my car. 

I will post "after" pictures when I finish hopefully tonight or in the morning.  Until then I must press on and get this done. 

Happy Quilting,

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